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This portion of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Walkthrough covers Chapter 3 - Home Sweet Slumincluding combat tips for how to defeat key enemieswhere all the good loot is found, as well as how to best use Cloud throughout the chapter. Or head over to the Chapter 3 Side Quests page or select a side quest below to complete this chapter. After Cloud and Avalanche exit the train, head down the road until you see someone tearing an Avalanche poster off a bulletin board.

The strange hooded enemies will appear and encircle Cloud before flying down an alleyway. Marlene will run away and Barret will come and pick her up again. Follow her down the street and up the stairs to the apartment, then open the door and head inside. A cutscene will trigger, but Cloud is soon awakened by noise next door.

Head outside and knock on the door. Cloud will let himself in, and Sephiroth will appear. Soon, Cloud is introduced to Marco, who has a number 49 tattooed on his arm.

After another short cutscene, Cloud will awaken. Open the door and head outside. Head downstairs to meet the landlady, Marle. Head up and open the door and Tifa will tell you about the filter job.

This vendor sells some basic items, materia you already have or will obtain very soon, and music disc 1 "The Prelude". Once you are done there, head back up to see Marle and pick up the next gil. Head inside and Biggs will give you a tutorial on upgrading your weaponsso add whichever bonuses to the Buster Sword you like, then Tifa will join you so the two of you can make your way to Scrap Boulevard to fight beasts for the neighborhood watch.

Ally Joined: Tifa Lockhart. Head outside and slide down the ladder, then continue down the path until you reach the gate on the far west side of town, then head through to reach Scrap Boulevard. Take advantage of this opportunity to control Tifa and get used to her combo-focused gameplay. Use Whirling Uppercut to send opponents skyward, opening them up to follow-up attacks while preventing them from dealing damage back while launched or knocked down. Upgrade the power of her attacks with Unbridled Rage, then use those attacks to lower back down a level.

Now that all the monsters are dead, head back to Biggs and Wedge to tell them all about it. Buy any other items or equipment that strike your fancy such as the Star Bracelets, which let you equip more Materia. For now, equip Assess and head back to Scrap Boulevard. Use Assess on two different types of enemies Wererat, Gorger, etc. Completing every Quest in this chapter will award a Discovery once the filter installation is complete.

Tifa will prompt you to return to your room so you can spend some time together. During this scene, she'll also say the two of you should go out, and she'll ask what sort of outfit would look good on her.

You can choose "Mature," "Sporty," or "Exotic," and your choice will determine what outfit Tifa wears in Chapter 9. Check out the guide page to learn more if you want to pick your favorite, but beware, as spoilers are certainly contained within!

For now, head back to Seventh Heaven to meet up with Barret. Tifa wants to rescue him before he has a chance to spill the beans on Avalanche, so follow her and stand to her left to hide behind the sign. Once the Shinra goons are out of sight, head through the gate with Tifa and keep tailing them. Johnny will mention Jessie, then Tifa will tell you to distract the guards.

A vending machine is nearby with Potions, Antidotes, and Phoenix Down, so stock up if you need to, then follow the guards and open the gate. After a short cinematic, take out the Guard Dog, Security Officers, and Elite Security Officer and even use Assess on them to determine their weaknesses.

Once they are dealt with, walk over to Johnny and interact with him and another cutscene will trigger.He is the first summon that players will attain throughout their time with the remake, and is notable for being the only mandatory summon out of all nine summons. It is possible to clear the game with only Ifrit's summon materia.

Most summons, like Leviathan and Shiva, must be defeated in the VR Combat Simulator in order to unlock them, but Ifrit is one of two base game summons that this isn't true for. Instead, unlocking Ifrit requires the player to beat chapter 3, after which point Jessie will give the Ifrit summon materia to Cloud. This happens right at the beginning of the game's fourth chapter and immediately before the motorcycle battle with Roche.

Chapter 3 isn't a particularly difficult chapter, so players shouldn't have any problem progressing through it to get the Ifrit Materia. That said, there are several side quests which are well worth spending the time to complete, as they offer special rewards.

Completing them all will even unlock a special, hidden scene with Tifa, in which she and Cloud go on a date.

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Be careful when choosing what dress would best suit Tifahowever, as it will affect something down the road in Chapter 9. After completing all the sidequests, simply defeat the hoodlums in the Ominous Shadows quest and Chapter 4 should begin. Ifrit is an incredibly valuable summon to have at Cloud's side, as right off the bat he is capable of dealing heavy fire damage.

This is incredibly useful as many of the enemies and bosses Cloud will encounter actually have weaknesses to fire, and using Ifrit against them can really turn the tide of battle. Of note, the Shiva summon fight is predictably weak to fire, so having Ifrit at the ready will be paramount to defeating her and unlocking her summon materia. Ifrit's first attack uses only one ATB meter, yet another factor which sets him apart from other summons.

Ifrit will jump back and get into position before dashing and dealing fire damage to all enemies in his path. Ifrit's other attack requires the standard two meters, but creates a huge fiery plume.

Once his summon gauge timer runs outIfrit will leave with one final attack in which he summons multiple of these fiery tornadoes. Source: GameSpot. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Share Tweet Email 0.A powerful djinn with control over scorching flames hot enough to turn the whole world to ashes. His signature attack is Hellfiresometimes called Inferno or Flames of Hell, that deals Fire-elemental damage to all opponents. He is one of the most frequently appearing summons and is often a rival to the ice summon Shiva. Like most recurring summons, Ifrit's appearance is different in each game, but remains somewhat similar. He has become increasingly beast-like and less demonic-looking as the series evolved; the shift started in Final Fantasy VIII.

In general, Ifrit has brown skin, has long horns and claws, and is covered by a simple kilt-like covering around his waist. Ifrit can be summoned by Evokers and Summoners. He is obtained by purchasing the Level 4 Summon Magic spell Heatra. Ifrit, the Infernal Spouting flames hot and hungry enough to consume all they touch, he shows his foes no mercy. It has a casting time of 4, cost 30 MP, and deals Fire-elemental damage to all opponents.

Ifrit is a summon spell for the impostor Rydia and Rydia. His signature attack, Hellfire, deals moderate Fire-elemental damage to all enemies at the cost of 30 MP. Once it's defeated, it leaves behind an orb of red light. The impostor Rydia claims the light and regains the ability to summon Ifrit during battle. Ifrit, along with the other reclaimed Eidolons, are later summoned by the impostor Rydia on B6 of the tower to battle the party.

Ifrit is summoned by the Mysterious Girl during Edge's tale, and serves as an unbeatable boss. After the battle, he chases Edge through the Tower of Babil. He can then be summoned by Rydia.

He deals moderate fire-elemental damage and costs 30 MP. Ifrit is a level 2 summon fought in the Library of the Ancients. There is dialogue between him and Ramuh if the player found the latter. According to an NPC on the roof of the libraryIfrit's purpose was to burn books possessed by monsters.It summons Ifrit, a Fire-elemental summon who performs the attack Hellfirea Fire attack that damages all enemies.

Ifrit is also one of the available summons in the PlayStation demo, and "Mt. Corel" PC version demo. The Ifrit Materia is obtained in the Cargo Ship. If the player exits the area without picking up the Materia, it is permanently missed. Summoning Ifrit costs 34 MPand causes him to perform the attack Hellfire to deal Fire-elemental damage equal to all enemies, which cannot be reflected.

This attack is powerful early on, especially against enemies weak to Fire, while being very costly. Later, the cost is less significant, but the damage is outclassed by other summons and high tier Fire spells. These changes are small enough to not be too detrimental to physical attacks, and are the same as those from the Fire Materia with no Strength penalty.

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This makes Ifrit a great Materia to link with the Elemental Materia on a weapon or armor. Linking the Materia on a weapon causes physical attacks to deal Fire-elemental damage, exploiting any weakness to Fire, and linking it on armor will reduce, nullify, or absorb Fire damage based on the level. If used on weapons, it is a great choice given to characters with a higher Strength that are geared towards physical attacks: CloudBarretTifaand Cid.

Ifrit is one of two Fire-elemental summons along with Phoenix.

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Phoenix deals much greater Fire-elemental damage and also revives fallen party members, but is also much more costly. In terms of pure damage, Fire3 and Flare deal more damage than Ifrit, though both must be paired with Support Materia to be maximally useful. Kujata and Typhon also deal greater Fire-elemental damage, though it is mixed in with other elements, meaning enemies weak to Fire may still resist the other elements.

Though they could live for thousands of years, they were not immortal, and if cut, they would "bleed" the fire running through their veins until it consumed their bodies. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Final Fantasy VII abilities.

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Cancel Save. Fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Dice - Slots.There are few things more visually awe-inspiring in Final Fantasy 7 Remake than summon materia. During the story you will receive your first avatar, Ifrit, in an early part of the game. When you get Ifrit, you can attach it to one of your characters. Every party member gets one summon materia slot that they can use for whatever avatar they want. While the avatar is summoned, any party member can use their ATB charges to command the summon to use a special attack, which you should liberally do, until the bar on the bottom right is empty.

ff7 ifrit

When it runs out of time, the summon will disappear but not before using its ultimate attack which will do a boat load of damage. Additional summon materia besides Ifrit is earned in a variety of ways. The primary way is through the VR challenges that are offered by Chadley. After completing some of his Battle Intel challenges, return to him and he may have new VR challenges that you can take on. Some materia though are found on the field, and in the case of Carbuncle, Cactuar and Chocobo Chick, they are pre-order bonuses which may or may not become paid DLC at some point.

That does it for our summon materia guide in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Connect with us. Continue Reading.

Related Topics: Final Fantasy 7 remakeGuideshow to get all summon materiasummon materia guide. Hyper Scape: System Requirements. CrossCode Review — Pixel Perfection. To Top.An esper that was sealed away in Inferno Hollows.

Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake All Enemies & Weaknesses List

Unquenchable flames rage around its hulking body, ready to reduce anything in its path to smoldering ash. Possessed of unspeakable fighting spirit, it attacks intruders to its lair with the ferocity of a savage beast, showing them the true meaning of destruction.

Even those who have earned Ifrit's power must be wary, as a single moment's weakness has the potential to leave on razed to the ground.

ff7 ifrit

Ifrit gains 1. To unlock the dungeon, first you must unlock the optional town Ordol Port by going to Port City Lodin and talk to the following people in order:. After reaching Ordol Port, you must talk to the child just below the potion vendor and head to the exit through the top right, you will then unlock Inferno Hollow. Once you have leveled Ifrit to the maximum level 30an additional dungeon in Inferno Hollow, Trial of the Fire Beastwill appear.

Defeat his stronger version and Ifrit will be upgraded to 2 -star. Once you have leveled him to Level 40, New Trial of the Fire Beast will appear with an even more powerful version of Ifrit. Defeat him and Ifrit will be upgraded to 3 -star. For reference: Composite screenshot of original. Sign In. For other uses, see Ifrit disambiguation. SP Plant Killer. Raging Fist. Beast Killer. Hell Burner. Power Break.

ST Reflection Boost. Blazing Evocation.

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ff7 ifrit

Support Contact PRO.The Final Fantasy franchise has always been infused with magic and different technological weaponry, but some of the most powerful attacks come in the form of Summons, mythical sentient creatures that aid you in battle with devastating magical powers. How they're used varies quite a bit from previous games in the series, but we already know many of them thanks to early pre-order bonuses. Despite only covering Midgar — the earliest sections in the original that don't include any Summons — FF7 Remake will definitely include Summons.

Square Enix first revealed Summons in the Tokyo Game Show trailer from September, and teased several of them as part of pre-order bonuses even before that.

In the original, Summons worked like one-off superpowered magical attacks, where the Summon would attack the entire group of enemies after a brief charging period and then disappear. Things will be quite different this time around, however, and Summons will be much more limited.


When they teamed up for the original FF7 summon, the two were the first summon you obtained, which occurred right after departing Midgar. They created a non-elemental attack called "Deathblow!!! There was also a powered-up version of the summon where a fat Chocobo appeared without a Moogle by its side. She has little to no backstory, only being known as some kind of Ice Queen. Her appearance in FF7 Remake seems mostly unchanged.

Her final attack that most fans should recognize is Diamond Dust, where she engulfs the surrounding area in ice. Like Shiva, Ifrit is a Fire spirit that has appeared in every Final Fantasy game since first debuting in the third title. His appearance can also shift between games. In FFXV, he looked like a human with a few more horns than most of us. In other appearances, he vacillates between a demon and a beast.

No matter his outward form, Ifrit is consistently based around fire. The massive creature first appeared as a generic sea monster in Final Fantasy II.

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In FFIIItheir role was expanded to that of a summon, that could assist the player in combat with their trademark water abilities. Like Ifrit, their position has vacillated between being a summon and a boss figure, but they remain a constant in just about every Final Fantasy title. Their appearance usually mimics what Sea Creatures are classically imagined to look like, but their gender and personality can vary between iterations.

Currently, all three can only be obtained through pre-orders or purchasing special editions.

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